What we do

What We Do

We are involved in the development of diverse urban infrastructure projects spread across Maharashtra and Karnataka comprising of roads, highways and flexible road works, earth works, construction of sewage treatment plants and the implementation of 24/7 water supply infrastructure for urban local bodies and the government authorities.


The ministry of road transport and highways represented by CE (NH) PWD, Maharashtra is engaged in the development of National Highways and as a part of this endeavor the Authority had decided to Undertake Up-gradation and Augmentation of the Bhadgaon — Chalisgaon section of NH753J. At present the Existing Highway is built to State Highway specification and the proposal is to upgrade this to National Highway specifications. The entire project is of 46.80 Kms which covers 4 Lane Widening of 10.40 Kms, 2 Lane widening of 23.41 Kms, 2 Lane New constructions of 2.34 Kms and Overlay of 10.65 Kms. The Work involves civil structures such as 58 Pipe/ Slab Culverts, 15 Minor Bridges, 1 Major Bridge, 10.0 Kms Road Side Drains, 1 Truck Lay-Bye, 10 Bus Bays, 3 Major Junctions, 30 Minor Junctions, 1 Toll Plaza and allied works. This road is an important link connecting the Taluka places of Chandwad, Nandgaon of Nashik District and Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon & Pachora of Jalgaon district. It is anticipated that over the next 30 years this road will serve a critical purpose of contributing substantially towards development of local economy. We, Swastikars are totally committed to complete the Construction of this vital lifeline in the best possible time and provide the commuters an unparalleled riding experience with uncompromised safety standards.


Raichur is a city municipality located between river Krishna and Tungabhadra in the south Indian state of Karnataka. The city extends up to an area of 50.75 Sq. Km with a population of 2, 32,456. The name Raichur has originated from the Telugu word "Rai" meaning "Stone" and "Ooru" meaning "Town", combined to Raichooru "A Town of Stones". The works of providing UGD system involving 132 Kms of Network, construction of 2 FAL type STP's of 20 MLD and 8 MLD capacity was assigned to us as our most competitive Quote was lower than the second lowest bidder by more than Its. 28 Cr. Raichur is very much true to its name as the Hard rock encountered during the laying of 126.87 Kms of Network was tough & resistant and is as per IS 135 Part 5 of 1987 termed as "VERY HARD ROCK" with compressive strengths in excess of 125 N/mm2. In addition to our most competitive quote, the challenge of excavating this unusually hard rock was the toughest assignment of our construction career. The untiring resilience and relentless exuberance of our team in the face of unbreakable adversity and mounting financial losses combined with our ability to adapt and innovate led us to the use of special chemicals to split the indestructible hard rock. Through all the hardships we had never allowed the work to stop in view of our timely commitment to commission and dedicate the long-awaited basic amenities of sewage collection, treatment and disposal to the deprived residents of this historical city.


Chikodi is a taluka and town municipal council city in the Belgavi district of Karnataka. The city extends up to an area of 18.29 Sq. Km with a population of 38,307. We have been assigned with both the works of, Providing UGD system comprising of a sewerage network of 92Km, 5.8MLD WSP STP spread over 30 acres of land, 3984 Manholes, 4200 House Service Connections and Providing and laying 24x7 Water Supply distribution system consisting of 95 Kms of water supply distribution network and 7947 House Service Connections for the Citizens of Chikodi Town. Apart from the regular difficulties of laying sewer networks in rocky terrain through narrow lanes, the construction of WSP STP atop a Rocky Hillock posed a serious challenge to our team. Due to large scale requirement of land for WSP STP and considering the land constraints in the agriculturally fertile belt of Chikodi. An area of 30 acres of rocky hillock situated at a distance of 5 Kms from Chikodi in the Hirekodi Gram Panchayat limits was earmarked for STP construction. The location lacked heavy vehicle access and necessitated excavation and leveling up to a depth of 7.8 m from the top surface. More than 1.5 lakhs of excavation, mostly in Hard rock was proposed by Controlled blasting method. But considering the request of the inhabitants of the surrounding areas, we had excavated the entire rock by the contemporary and highly expensive hydraulic Chiseling method. For the construction of bunds, we had to move Impervious and Semi pervious Earth Soils of more than Eighty five Thousand Cum from the approved sources located at a distance of 15/20 Kms from our site through privately managed narrow farm lands. Our sincere and hardworking personnel braved against all odds and commissioned the STP well before the intended date of completion. Both the works of providing UGD system (Phase-1) and 24x7 water supply system 11111 been successfully commissioned to the delight of more than 38,000 residents of Chikodi


Sadalga is a town in Chikodi taluk of Belgavi district, Karnataka. It is situated on the banks of the Dudhganga River. The works of providing UGD system to the 26,198 residents of this town were entrusted to us. The works involved Construction of sewerage network of 26 Kms, 868 Manholes, 470 House Service Connections and a 3.72 MLD FAL type STP. Owing to Land scarcity in the fertile sugar belt, Construction of the 3.72MLD FAL type STP was proposed on the river banks in a high flood zone. To withstand the high flood conditions, RCC walls were proposed instead of earthen bunds to hold 26.25 Million liters of sewage water in 2 Aerated Lagoons of 30m X 100m sizes and 2 Sedimentation Lagoons of 30m X 25m sizes. Construction of this structural giant at a high ground water level and inconvenient location was exasperating and tested our resolve to the maximum. But in the end, endurance and dedication of our Swastikars, to provide the much-needed respite to the populace of Sadalga town, diminished the difficulties and accomplished the completion and commissioning of the treatment plant well within the designated time period.


The Central park, Ghansoli is developed around the theme of the "Five Great Elements" also called the "Pancha Mahabhuta" in the Hindu Vedas comprising of Earth, Water, Fire & Space. It is built amidst a concrete Jungle on 41,000 sqm of land that was being utilized to dump waste and debris. Despite the long-drawn acquisition process and the surmounting financial distress caused due to the delays, we stood firm in support of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation's bonafide intentions to provide a truly world class public facility to the open area deprived and distressed Ghansoli node, home to several hardworking populace. The Green cover of around 10.00 acres brings the much-needed relief to the oxygen depleted area. The park is loaded with multi activity spaces to trigger all the five elements of the body through fitness & sporting facilities such as walkways, jogging & cycling Tracks, Skating Rink, Football & Cricket Turf, Swimming pool, Amphitheatre, Planter's maze and a well-equipped, rubber matted children play area. It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of this great initiative designed to introduce recreation & relaxation into the busy and tiresome routines and improve the health and living standards of our fellow Countrymen & women.

We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress.